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The diversified fleets allows to us to serve customers from various industries by chartering vessel to them and handle their own project onto the barge.

Client, shippers and charterers can employ our wide service coverage which include whole Malaysia region particularly at northern area.

Our fleet is always well-maintained due to outstanding support and this assures our customers that our commitments are well-executed and in good time.

Wantas Shipping Barges Dimention & Specification

  1. We provide barge charter for special project based on:

    i)  Daily

    ii)  Monthly

    iii)  Yearly

  2. Barge charter specially catered for all around within Malaysian waters. Some of the special project done previously by Wantas Shipping (Langkawi) Sdn Bhd:

a)  Le Tour De Langkawi Barging from Kuala Kedah - Langkawi - Kuala Kedah

b)  Iron Ore Barging - Lafarge Langkawi

c)  Penang Bridge Project

d)  LIMA Langkawi

e)  Dredging projects – Malaysian Maritime & Dredging Corporation

f)  Bridge Construction @ Kuala Terengganu

g)  Rubber Tree Shipment

h)  Piling Shipments