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Freight forwarding industry is becoming highly competitive whereby it means that companies are finding ways to streamline their services to attract and maintain the business of exporter. We as freight forwarder include arranging for the packaging of goods or putting them in containers.

Some actually packed merchandise to avoid against any damage risk during transport. Upon reach the destination, we will make sure that cargo’s are delivered to the destination chosen by the sender.

Current Major clients include:

1.  Lafarge Cement Sdn Bhd (Langkawi Plant)

2.  Coca-Cola Malaysia Sdn Bhd

3.  Nestle Malaysia Berhad

4.  Permanis Sdn Bhd

We are dedicated to provide customers with the most up to date and efficient services. We provide superior quality freight transportation and ongoing commitment to fulfill an expectation and requirement of customers. Wantas Shipping (Langkawi) Sdn Bhd also employed knowledgeable staffs in order to provide you with the best in customer satisfaction.

We offer road transportation services nationwide with the overnight services for interstate deliveries whereby we will arrange goods pickup from their factory and deliver to their customer and warehouse nationwide.